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Beneficiary: Zaida Williams

Remittance Amount: R 350,000.00 ZAR

It has come to the notice of the United Nations Security Management through our Security Management Department. That HSBC has disbursed the sum of R 450,000.00 ZAR (Four Hundred & Fifty Thousand South African Rand) from HSBC International, A/c No:550-600398-379 to be paid to the above affixed photo as beneficiary's account: Capitec Bank. A/c No: 1121364371 in South Africa. The said Funds, after due investigation, was not attached with security certification documents which is Contrary to article 12, Sub-Section IV of the Cross Border transfer Amendment Act of 2015 ordering against illegal money laundry and Terrorist activities.

We the United Nations Security Management team hereby notifies you the consequences of delivering your consignment. Without complying fully with the Financial Cross Border Freight and Allied Matters Decree 2011 in Sub-Section C (6) terms and conditions, which stipulates that, the above listed Funds of must be approved by the Security Management Department which will completely secure and guarantee the funds as legitimately acquired from a genuine source. Not drug trafficking, terrorism sponsorship or any related misdemeanor.

By virtue of power and scrutiny. We have not confirmed the payment as a legal transaction. Until the GRP (Government Ratio Percentage) of transferred sum of R 350,000.00 ZAR (Three Hundred & Fifty Thousand South African Rand) which amounts to R 4,350.00 (Four Thousand,Three Hundred & Fifty Rand) GRP refundable fee requires to be paid and will be refunded back to you after 24 hours. Your funds have been placed on hold until the R 4,350.00 GBP (Four Thousand,Three Hundred & Fifty Rand) GRP payable by the beneficiary (Russell Dlamini) for procurement of these documents. We cannot deduct such amount from the funds, as a result of the funds are insured and digitized, therefore making deduction infeasible

Please note that your failure to adhere to the said regulation will result to your funds been confiscated and your online Mobi Grand Trust Fund account will be declared insolvent and frozen indefinitely. Your funds will be released within 24 hours in receipt of the above mentioned payment of R 4,350.00 ZAR (Four Thousand,Three Hundred & Fifty Rand) GRP refundable fee is confirmed. Do contact your consultant for the procurement the below documents: Email: [email protected]

1. Foreign Service Dispensation Receipt

2. Finance Control Regulations Paper



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